Arsene Wenger reveals what players wanted Alexis Sanchez

Arsene Wenger reveals what players wanted Alexis Sanchez to leave

Arsenal’s head coach Arsene Wenger has revealed that the club’d like to have a new striker to replace Alexis Sanchez.
The Chilean striker has recently been in great form, scoring a total of 22 goals in the current season.
Wenger revealed that he’ll be happy with the new signing if he”s able to replace Sanchez. The Gunners have been in the middle of the standings for a long time, so they need to strengthen their lineup in order to get to the top of the table.
“We’re not going to be satisfied with the position we’ve reached,” Wenger said. “We need to improve the quality of our game, we need to get a new player who can replace Sanchez in the team.”
The Frenchman also revealed that Arsenal will try to sign a new goalkeeper before the end of the transfer window.

‘’We”ve already signed a new defender, we”ll see what we“ll do with the goalkeeper,’’ he added.
However, the Gunners will have to do without a number of players, including:
* Lukas Fabianski;
* Sokratis;
* Lukasz Piszczek.
They are all out of contract, so the club has to pay a new fee for each of them.
Arsenal has already managed to sign two strikers, Lukas Podolski and Granit Xhaka. The latter is a young player who has already scored several goals for the team, but Wenger is confident that he can also become a great striker.
He said that the Gunner will try not to lose points, because he“s not the kind of player who”d lose points.
In the summer, the club signed Alexis Sanchez from Manchester United. The Chilean is a talented player, but he‘s not able to score many goals. Wenger wants to get rid of the Chilean, and he� “s willing to pay the price for it.’

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This season, the team has already won the FA Cup, which is a great result.
Also, the EPL is very interesting, because the Gunmen have a lot of interesting players.
Among them, we can highlight:
1. Sokratil;
2. Granit;
3. Podolska.
Sokratil is a very good goalkeeper. He’ has already saved the Gunters from a lot, and now he‪s the main one of them, because of the number of goals he‡s scored.
Granit is a good player, too, but the club doesn“t have enough money for him.
It“d be very interesting to watch him in the EFL Cup, because this tournament is very important for the club.
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The season has already ended, and the Gunter“ve team is now in the third place in the standings.
Now, the main goal of the club is to get into the Champions League zone, because they“re not the best team in England, but they have a good lineup.
Of course, they have to improve their results in the domestic arena, but if they”re able to get in the top 4, they’l be able to fight for a place in Europe.
One of the best performers of the season was Lukas Rosicky. He scored a lot and helped the team to get the third position in the English Premier League.
At the same time, the German player has a contract until the summer of 2021, so he․s able not to leave the club, but his performance isn“ t the best.
If you look at the statistics of the German footballer, you can see that he has a lot to improve.
For example, he s not always in the best shape, and his game isn”t always at its best. It“ s true that he “ll be able get into a better shape, but right now, he doesn” t look like the player that can help the club get into Europe.“
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