City, Man United fought to sign Pogba, reports claim!

Manchester United have long been considered one of the main contenders for the Champions League. However, they have not been able to get the necessary results to win the coveted trophy.
It is now clear that the Red Devils have to strengthen their lineup in order to be able to compete for the coveted gold medal. However the club’s management has not been very successful in this regard.
Manchester City, on the other hand, has been able not only to sign the best players, but also to get rid of the ones who did not meet the requirements.
According to the latest information, the Citizens are in the final stage of the transfer campaign, and they have already managed to sign a number of players. Among the most interesting of them are:
* Romelu Lukaku;
* Nicolas Otamendi;

* Eric Bailly.
The Portuguese has already managed not to miss a single match of the Premier League. The Belgian is considered one the best midfielders of the Old Continent, and the Portuguese also has a good experience in the English Premier League, where he has already played for a number years.
Lukaku has already shown his best game in the Champions league, and he has also managed to score a number goals. The Frenchman has already become a real star of the club, and now he is expected to become the main star of Manchester City.
However, the club needs to strengthen its lineup, as the club is already far from the Champions trophy. Therefore, it is very important for the Citizens to find a good solution to the problem of getting into the Champions club.

The main priority for the club now is to sign an excellent goalkeeper. This is necessary not only for the team’ safety, but for the development of the entire lineup. The club is also in a good position to get into the Europa League, as it has already qualified for the playoffs.
All the latest news about Manchester United in the world of football
The Red Devils are considered one among the main favorites of the season. The team has already won the Premier league, so it is not surprising that they are ready to fight for the title.
In order to get closer to the coveted title, the team needs to improve its results, and it is clear that it is necessary to strengthen the lineup.
This is what the club has been doing for several years, and this time the management has managed to get a good result. The main goal for the Red devils is to win gold medals, and in order not to lose this opportunity, the management needs to make the necessary changes.
At the moment, the main priority is to get Pogba out of the team. The player is considered to be the main trump card of the Manchester United, and his departure will help the club to get higher positions in the standings.
There is also a good chance that the player will leave the club in summer, but the management is ready to wait for the right time and to make necessary changes to the lineup in the next season.
Will Pogba leave the team?
The club has long been rumored to be interested in signing the player, but now it is obvious that the club management does not want to lose the main player of the lineup, and therefore Pogba will not leave the Red Devil.
Pogba is considered by many as one of top stars of the world, and many fans consider him to be one of best players of the current season. He has already scored a number and goals, and even if the club managed to miss the playoffs, Pogba is still considered one as a top star of football.
As for the future of the player at the club and his potential, it will be very difficult for the management to get him out of its lineup. However if the player leaves the team, it may be possible to get other players to replace him.
Main rivals of the Red team
The team has a number rivals who are ready not to let it get into a position of the Champions, and these are: Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham.
Arsenal and Liverpool are considered as the main competitors of the Citizens, but they have a number advantages over the team in the current campaign.
For example, the Gunners have a good lineup, which allows the club not to get tired. The Reds have a similar lineup, but it is more stable.
Also, the players of Liverpool have a great experience in Champions League, which is very useful for the current situation.
Chelsea is considered as a rival of the Reds, but its lineup is not so stable. However this season, the Blues managed to qualify for the Europa league, which was a good achievement.
Tottenham is considered a real outsider of the rivals, but this season the team has managed not only the Champions but also the Europa tournament.
Therefore, the Spurs have a chance to get to the Champions of the next year.
Who will be the next Champions?
It has become obvious that Manchester United will not be able not to win a gold medal in the Premier club. The Red Devils had a good start, and if they do not improve their results, then it will not only be a failure, but a real disaster for the fans.
Among the main rivals of Manchester United are: Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

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