De Rossi to take pay-cut if Roma sign Man Utd, Chelsea or Liverpool transfer target Nzonzi

The Rossoneri have been in the Champions League for almost a year now, and the team is gradually becoming stronger. This summer, the club managed to sign the main transfer of the summer, and now the team has a lot of interesting players.
The main transfer that the club has done is the signing of the Portuguese midfielder Manu Garcia. The player is a very good player, and he is able to create several scoring opportunities for himself.
However, the transfer of Manu is not the only one that the Rossoneris have done. They have also managed to get the loan of the player from Sporting, which is very important for the club.
After the signing, the Rossonera has already managed to win the Europa League. The team managed to take the first place in the group, and managed to beat the team of Real Madrid.
In the Champions league, the team managed not to lose any games, and it managed to finish in the 4th place. The club also managed not only to win, but also to qualify for the next stage of the tournament.

The next season, the main goal of the club will be to win gold medals again. The Rossoneras have a good chance of doing this, because the team was very strong in the previous season.
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Main Transfer of the Rossoniers
The club has managed to bring in a lot, and they have already managed several transfers.
One of the main transfers that the team did was the signing the Portuguese player Manu. The transfer of this player is very good, because he is a good midfielder.
This player is able not only create scoring chances, but he is also able to make a good pass to the teammate.
Another transfer that was done by the Rossons was the loan to Sporting. The loan was very important, because it will allow the club to get a lot more experience.
It is also important for them to get some experience, because they have a lot to do in the next season. The main transfer is the loan, and this transfer will allow them to strengthen the team.
They have a number of players that they need to strengthen, and Manu will be one of them.
Team’s Prospects in Next Season
The team has managed not just to win a place in Europa League, but it has also managed the first position in the standings. This is a great result for the Rossonen.
Now, the players have a very busy season ahead, because there are a lot new players that need to be trained. The new season is a new chance for the team to prove themselves, and to show their skills.
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Latest Results of Champions League
The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament of the Old Continent. The tournament is held every year, and every year the club that is the strongest at the end of the season wins the gold medals.
At the beginning of the new season, it was very difficult for the Royal club to fight for the champion title. However, the new players were able to help the team, and in the end, the result was the victory of the Royal Club.
Of course, the final result is not a real surprise, because in the last season, Real Madrid managed to lose the champion’ title to Barcelona. However this season, Barcelona managed to do a lot better than Real Madrid, and that is why the Royal team managed the champion trophy.
There are several reasons that the Royal Team managed to be so strong.
1. Good teamwork.
2. Good selection of players. The players of the current Royal team are able to play together, which allows the team not to have a single player to do his job alone.
3. Good individual skills of the players. This season, many of the leaders of the Spanish team managed a good season, and many of them managed to become the main stars of the Champions.
4. Good results of previous seasons.
5. Good coaching skills of Josep Guardiola.
These are the main reasons that helped the Royal to win so many trophies. The Royal team is now ready to fight against the strongest teams in the Old World, and if they want to win another gold medals, they will have to do their best.
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Current Champions League Standings
The current season of the European football championship is very interesting.

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