The whole club is behind him’ – Fernandinho on De Bruyne’s injury setback

Fernandinho has been a great player for Chelsea for a long time, but the Belgian’s injury setback has left the club with a big question mark.
The Belgian has been the mainstay of the team for a few years now, but he’ll miss the start of the championship. The club is already looking for a replacement, and it’d be a good idea to keep an eye on the situation.
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The team’ current position in the standings is quite good, but it”s not enough to compete for the title. In order to do that, the club needs to strengthen the position in both the EPL and the Champions League.
Chelsea’ situation is quite complicated, but there are a few things that can be done.
1. Find a replacement for Fernandinho
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In the current season, the team has a quite good position in EPL, but in the Champions league, the situation is not so good. The team has already lost to Liverpool in the group stage, and the Reds have a good chance of winning the tournament.
It’ s important for the team to strengthen its position in order to compete against the main contenders.
2. Improving the results in the EFL Cup
The club has a difficult season in the English Football League Cup. The previous season, it was quite successful, and Chelsea won the tournament with a score of 5-1.
However, the current campaign is not going as well. The Blues have a rather poor position in Group A, and they’re almost out of the tournament altogether.
This is why it“s important for Chelsea to improve its results in this tournament. The main goal is to get into the playoffs.
3. Improper selection of players
The current season is not the best for the club. The players are tired of playing in the Premier League, and many of them prefer to play in a lower division.
Also, the selection of the players is not optimal. Many of them are not able to show their best game, which is a real problem for the Blues.
If the team manages to get a good result in the tournament, it will be a great achievement, but if it doesn’t, then the team won’ t be able to compete in the long run.
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All the latest livescore today
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Most popular football leagues
Nowadays, it is much more interesting to follow football matches, because there are many leagues that are played in the world, and millions of people are interested in them.
One of the most popular football is the English Premier League. It has a large number of clubs, and most of them have a long history.
At the moment, the top five clubs are:
· Manchester City;
· Chelsea;
• Liverpool;
· Arsenal.
These clubs have a lot of advantages, which are:
· good players;
· strong leadership;
i.e. the club’ leaders.
· a good budget;
2) the main advantage of the Premier league is the fact that the teams play in one of the best stadiums.
Many people watch the Premier ligue matches, and this is a very good opportunity for the fans to see the results.
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