Wenger Out banner spotted at Arsenal training ground! Of course it was …

The summer transfer campaign at the Emirates has already shown that the club is ready to spend big. The main priority for the club this summer was the acquisition of a new goalkeeper. The club had already signed the new goalkeeper from the Czech Republic, Lukas Fabianski, but the new signing has not yet been officially presented to the fans.
The new goalkeeper has not been the only important transfer for the team. The Gunners also signed the following players:
* Cesar Azpilicueta;
* Lukasz Piszczek;
• Lukas Podolski.
All of them are ready to play for the Arsenal. The team also signed a number of players who will help the team in the fight for the title. Among the new signings, we can highlight:
1. Lukas Piatek. The young goalkeeper has already impressed the fans with his performances in the Polish Championship. He has already managed to score a number goals and has already become a key player of the team, which will help to achieve the desired result.
2. Sokratis from the Greek Super League. The player has already made a name for himself in the Greek Championship. The fact that the team signed him is another proof that the Gunners are serious about the fight against the teams from the top-5.
3. Lukaku from Manchester United. The Belgian striker has already scored a number and has become a main player of Manchester United, which is why the team is now trying to sign him.
4. Fabian Ruiz from the Spanish La Liga. The Spanish player has been a mainstay of the Spanish team for a long time. Now, the Gunner is ready for the fight with the leaders of the Old Continent.
5. Sokolov from the Russian Premier League. He is a talented player who can help the club to achieve a great result. The Russian club is also interested in signing him. The reason for the interest is the fact that he is a good goalkeeper.
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The latest news on the team’s results
The Gunners have already managed a great transfer campaign. The new goalkeeper, Fabianskic, has already surprised the fans and has managed to become a new sensation. The goalkeeper has managed not only to score but also to make a number in each of the games he has played.
However, the main surprise of the summer transfer period for the Gunns is the signing of Sokratisl. The Bulgarian player has managed a number only once in his career, but he has already proved himself to the team and has impressed the head coach.
Sokratisl has already been called a “star” by the fans, and the team has already signed him. He will help Arsenal to achieve great results. The good news is that Sokratist is a very good goalkeeper, who can also play in the middle.
In addition, the club has also signed Lukaku, who will join the team after the season. The Manchester United striker has become an important player of his team. He managed to make the most of his chances and scored a lot of goals.
Another good news for the fans is the news that the Spanish player, Ruiz, will join Arsenal after the end of the season, too. The Spaniard has already demonstrated his skills in the Champions League.
New players join the Gunni squad
The club has already started to sign new players. Among them, we should highlight: Sokolova from the Ukrainian Premier League; Vyacheslav Kuznetsov from the Belarusian Premier League and a number from the Kazakhstan Premier League, too, who have already made their first impressions.
Kuznetsova is a young player who has already showed himself in a number, but it is his game in the Ukrainian championship that has impressed his coach. The coach has already named him as one of the main performers of the upcoming season.
Vyacheslav has already played in the Premier League of Belarus and is ready now to show himself in his best form. The problem is that the coach has to find a place for him in the lineup.
Arsenal also signed an experienced goalkeeper, Piszczykowski. The Polish goalkeeper has played in a lot more championship matches than the goalkeeper of the club, Azpilcueta. The latter has already won the Champion title.
Both Piszcykowski and Azpili have a good chance to become the main goalkeeper of Arsenal. They can help to solve the problem of the lack of a good number in the team due to injuries.
Latest results of Arsenal’ matches
The team has managed quite a successful transfer campaign, and now it is much easier for fans to follow its results. Arsenal has managed, among other things, to sign a number goalkeeper, Azpurcueta, who has become the new number one. The previous season, the goalkeeper was the number one, but now the club wants to get rid of him. Piszcueta is a promising goalkeeper, and he has impressed head coach Unai Emery.

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