Antonio Conte could play Kenedy at left-back against Tottenham

Antonio Conte could play Kenedy at left-back against Tottenham in the Champions League. The Italian coach has already played the position of the left-sided defender for a long time, so it’s quite possible that he will find a solution to the problem.

Conte’sto play Kedry in the starting lineup of the team. The player is a good defender, who is able to quickly get into the game and make a good impact. The team has already shown a good game in the international arena, so the fans can expect a lot of attacking football.
Convenient information on the matches of the Champions league
The Champions League is one of the most important tournaments in the world. It is a competition of the best teams from all over the world, and it is very important for the teams to win it. The Champions League has always been a favorite of the tournament, and this is especially true for the first rounds.
The first matches of this tournament are very important, because the teams have to show their best game. The main goal of the teams is to reach the semifinals, where they will fight for the right to enter the next round.
In the Champions Cup, the teams play against each other in the group stage. The first matches are very interesting, because it is difficult to predict the outcome of the game.
This is why the fans have to be very careful when watching the games. The information about the results of the games is available on the website of sports statistics, where the data are updated in real time.
It is very easy to follow the results on the site, because all the data is available in a convenient format.
What to expect from the first matches
The matches of Champions League are always interesting, and the teams will try to achieve a good result. The most difficult part of the competition is the group stages, where each team has to play against the other teams.
Now, the first games of the group E are very intriguing, because Real Madrid and Juventus are the main favorites of the matches. The teams have a lot in common, and they have already played a lot.
Real Madrid is a team that has won many trophies. It has won the Champions trophy, the UEFA Cup, and many other trophies. The club has a good lineup, and each player has his own speciality.
Juventus is a club that has already won the European Cup. The fans have long been waiting for the team to win the Champions Trophy, and now it is the main favorite of this competition.
At the moment, the main problem of the club is the lack of motivation. The players are not in the best shape, and there is a lack of desire to win trophies.
However, the team has a lot to gain, and in the future it will be able to show its maximum.
All the latest news on the Champions tournament
The team has recently been in the top 3 of the La Liga standings for a number of years, so there is no doubt that it will try its best to win gold medals in the next season.
Despite the fact that the team is not in a very good shape, it has a large number of stars in its lineup. The following players are the leaders of the current season:
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Gareth Bale;

* Karim Benzema;

The Portuguese has already scored a lot, and he has already become the best scorer of the season. The Spanish player has already managed to score a lot for Real Madrid. The Portuguese player has scored a total of 11 goals, which is quite a good number.
Bale has already made a good impression on the fans, and his performance has been very good. The English player has managed to make a lot and score a good amount of goals.
Also, the club has some stars who can play in the attacking line. These are:
· Javier Hernandez;
· “Zlatan” Ibrahimovic.
Ibrahimovic has already showed a good performance in the national team, and at the moment he is the leader of the national squad.
There is also a good chance that the club will win the next year’ Champions Cup.
If the team will be successful in the tournament of the strongest club, it will have a good opportunity to win a lot more trophies. This will be very useful for the club, because now it has an excellent lineup, which can be used in other competitions.
Fans can follow the Champions cup results on our website, where all the information is updated in a timely manner.
Main results of matches of Bundesliga
The German Bundesliga is one the most interesting tournaments in Europe. The clubs from all around the world are represented here, and every year the competition for the title is very intense.
One of the main goals of the clubs is to get into a group with the best clubs from the Bundesliga. The Bundesliga is the strongest league in Germany, and its teams have the chance to win many trophies in the long run.
Of course, the clubs from other countries also want to enter this tournament, but they can’t compete with the teams from Germany.
Today, the Bundesliga is very interesting for the fans. The matches of it are held every weekend, and you can find the results in a couple of minutes.

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