Chelsea made £70m bid for keeper says Guardian

The club is willing to pay a fee of around £70 million for the services of the goalkeeper, who has been in the team for more than a year. The club is ready to pay the price for the acquisition of the player, who is considered as one of the main contenders for the position of the number one.
The goalkeeper is one of those players who are able to make a decisive impact on the results of the team. He has already managed to score a goal in the Champions League and is also considered as a contender for the number of goals scored in the Premier League.

The transfer of the goalie is a good opportunity for the club to strengthen the position in the standings. In addition, the goalkeeper is able to play in the defensive line and is able not to lose points in the matches against the stronger opponents.
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Will Chelsea make a transfer?
The team is ready for the transfer and is ready not to miss the goalkeeper. The team is also ready to spend money on other players. The goalkeeper is considered one of them. The player is able, for example, to score goals in the Europa League. The Chelsea goalkeeper is a key player of the club.
After the acquisition, the club will have two new players in the position. The first one is Eden Hazard. The Belgian player is considered a key figure of the Chelsea team. The second is Willian. The Brazilian player is a striker and is considered to be a key addition to the team’s lineup.
Chelsea’ goalkeeper is not the only player who will be transferred to the club in the near future. The transfer of Willian is another good opportunity to strengthen Chelsea’ lineup. The new goalkeeper will be able to give the team a new impetus in the fight for the title.
Who will be the new coach of Chelsea?
In the near term, the team will be led by Josep Guardiola. The Spanish coach is considered the best in the world and is one step ahead of the competitors. The coach has already won the Champions Cup and the Europa Cup.
This season, the Chelsea squad is in the best shape of the season. The players are ready to fight for gold medals. The main goal of the coach is to win the Premier league title. In the next season, he will try to win it again.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the current season is the fight in the English Premier League for the champion title. The leading contenders for this title are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea.
Each of these clubs has a good squad. The City has a number of stars who are ready for a fight against the rivals.
Among the main rivals of the City, you should also note:
1. Tottenham. The Spurs are a team that is able fight against Manchester City. The Tottenham squad has a lot of stars.
2. Arsenal. The Gunners are a club that is considered among the main favorites of the tournament. The squad of Arsene Wenger is able successfully to fight against rivals. The Arsenal players are able not only to score points, but also to create a winning strategy.
3. Manchester United. The Red Devils are considered among top 5 teams in the EPL. The lineup of the players of the squad is able for a successful fight against their rivals. You can always find the latest news on the sports statistics website.
What will be Chelsea� ’ s chances of winning the title?
After winning the Europa league, the current Chelsea squad looks more confident and is in a good shape. The current Chelsea players are in a better condition than the previous season.
However, the main question is whether the current squad will be enough for the fight against its main rivals. In order to answer this question, we should take into account the following factors:
· high level of the competition;
·reasons for the absence of the leaders.
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Live Results of Football Matches
The season is in full swing. The matches are held all over the world. It is now easy to follow the results on the reliable website. The sports statistics resource provides only verified information. You will not miss anything important.
During the current campaign, the most interesting matches of the Premier. League are:
* Chelsea – Manchester City, Arsenal – Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool – Manchester United, Manchester City – Chelsea.
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How to Follow Football Matings Results
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